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Force Jacket, the Disney Jacket for Virtual Reality

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The mission of virtual reality is to isolate the user from the surrounding environment projecting in a parallel reality.The more immersive the experiences are the more this parallel reality will look real. The only deep gap that the VR has respect the real reality are the sensations. Until now. In fact, Disney, in collaboration with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), is developing a Jacket that will be able to simulate more than a dozen sensations.Force Jacket, built from a life jacket, contains 26 inflatable compartments controlled by a computer with a weight of 2kg. Wearing it during the experiences in VR … Continued


We Are Ready for Technology Hub

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VRLA has ended recently but we are already with eyes toward the future. On 15 and 16 September we will be present at The Spot in Lausanne, Switzerland, and from 17 to 19 will participate in the Technology Hub in Milan. It is a professional event on innovative technologies at the service of business. Dedicated to all new technology trends and related business will see as protagonists mostly: drones, app, electronics, new materials, robotics, 3d prints, augmented reality and VR. During these days you can attend numerous demonstration areas, workshops, conferences, debates and launches. We will present an innovative platform … Continued


VRLA. here we go!

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VRLA back to Los Angeles on 4 and 5 may with plenty of news. The Convention Center  will be the site of one of the most important Americam exhibition on virtual reality, augmented reality and immersive technologies. From motion simulators to Vr arcade, from 360 cameras to new product launches through training sessions, this year promises to be one of the best ever thanks to the presence of major companies like Intel, Qualcomm, Walt Disney Animation and Framestore. We will partecipate to the VRLA. For this occasion we will present the Virtual Soccer Zone, an immersive experience where you will … Continued

football vr

2MD VR Football

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Virtual reality had its peak of success with adrenaline and horror games. However recently the sports games are increasing, with many experiments that gradually are giving more and more real gaming experience. Today we want to talk about 2MD VR Football, one of the virtual Football games so far better achieved today. The main role of the game will be that of quarterback, that through a scheme of attack receives the ball from the center and will seek to achieve the best possible step to conquering precious meters and score a touchdown. Specifically, the game is divided into two phases: … Continued

firefox reality

Firefox Reality, the VR browser

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Everything changes and you have to adapt to change to remain protagonists. This concept is very clear for Mozilla that has has just presented Firefox Reality, the first opensource browser for the mixed reality. If we have in the past been used to surf the internet on pc only and then over the years with Smartphones and tablets the future could radically change this approach men-digital. Most likely the next web will be available through virtual reality and augmented one. For this the idea of Firefox Reality, the first cross-platform browser for mixed reality, in which wearing visors you can completely … Continued

virtual zombie

Virtual Zombies

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We told you a few weeks ago some theme parks with experiences in virtual reality, which can be found here, and today we want to continue to surprise you with big news. Love the VR? Well, if you’re reading this article probably the answer is obvious. Are you fans of all movies/series/game about zombies? If that answer is Yes, read on you will not regret it! In Paris opened the first Collaborative European Virtual Room that allows groups of friends, family or colleagues against hordes of zombies. The novelty of the experience is the cooperation among participants who must unite … Continued

virtual reality

Theme Park and VR, the perfect combination

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In the previous article we discussed how virtual reality is not limited only to gaming but to many other activities, such as educational experiences or sentimental (Yes you read right, I speak of “real”  love… If you’re curious read here). But still what really does bring the average user to VR is fun.  And well, what is the funniest thing that comes to mind? For us it is the theme park. Since we are children we used to visit theme parks first with our parents, then with friends, then with the girl and finally with our family, closing this happy circle that repeats … Continued

love virtual reality

Love in the time of Virtual Reality

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Virtual reality is slowly coming into our daily lives thanks to the wide range of games available on the market. Gaming is not the only area where the vr is having luck. Even in the art the virtual reality is in vogue, just think experiences like Klimt Experience or the Da Vinci Experience. But it is not limited to this, or at least in Japan. Are indeed catching experiences hottest purposes or to find a soul mate. For example the Virtual Dating, a series of episodes in which two real people have a blind date in a world totally virtual. Or even the … Continued

Ready Player One, the new posters 80’s 90’s

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The new film by Steven Spielberg on virtual reality will be released soon. Ready Player One, this is the name, is based on a script by Zak Penn and Ernest Cline and as a principal character Tye Sheridan, famous for playing the role of Cyclops in Xmen Apocalypse. For those who hadn’t heard this film yet, found the plot, news and rumors in our previous article. The movie about virtual reality was expected actually to December 2017 but to avoid fierce competition of Star Wars, the Warnes Bros has decided to postpone the release and with it the entire marketing campaign. In fact it … Continued


Mobile World Congress, the best news

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Even today the Mobile World Congress and the 4YFN are taking place and  with them the introduction of new smartphones, tablets and gadgets. To let you get to the heart of the fair , we want to present you the best news of 2018.   LENOVO MIRAGE ONLY Lenovo unveiled at Mobile World Congress the first VR headset completely autonomous. The Mirage only works with technology Goodle Daydream and does not require expensive computer or smartphone connections. The viewer has a Snapdragon 835 chipset, 4 gb of ram and 64 gb of internal space with the possibility to extend it … Continued

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