Force Jacket, the Disney Jacket for Virtual Reality

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The mission of virtual reality is to isolate the user from the surrounding environment projecting in a parallel reality.The more immersive the experiences are the more this parallel reality will look real. The only deep gap that the VR has respect the real reality are the sensations.
Until now.
In fact, Disney, in collaboration with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), is developing a Jacket that will be able to simulate more than a dozen sensations.Force Jacket, built from a life jacket, contains 26 inflatable compartments controlled by a computer with a weight of 2kg.

force jacket

Wearing it during the experiences in VR you can have the feeling of receiving a hug, or maybe a fist, but also to be crushed by a snake or feel like Big Jim.
All this will be possible by alternating the compartments ‘ speed, strength and inflation duration according to the displayed scenes. We’ll see the evolution of this prototype that certainly could improve the virtual experience that normally is limited to headset and joystick, making it become immersive in every point of view.