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Orwell is a Virtual Studio Based in Milan who develops Virtual Reality immersive contents and produces 3D videoanimation with advanced graphical techniques.
If you have an interesting project we are ready to make it real, or virtually real!


In this department we create 3D Videoanimations!


In this department we develop VR immersive experiences!






    We turn your illustrations in 3D Virtual Scenaries: interactive and navigable.

    The viewer will be totally immersed and will understand the aesthetic value of your work.

    We create VR experiences that make your ideas visible; we accelerate the process of valuation and customisation; contents are 100% adaptable to all devices: smartphone, pc and tablets.

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    Arts&Museums (Culture)

    Virtual reality makes the Museum’s viewer able to immerse in the cultural experience.

    The visitor will interact with the experience during and after the exposition.

    It’s a new way to present the art and it is very successful: on average, the 80% of the visitors enjoys the vr experience and recommend it to their friends. It’s a powerful WOM!

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    Events & Advertising

    Engage the audience during an event through the virtual reality is a unique promotional tool.

    We create situations in which the spectator can completely interact.

    We ideate tales and interactive installations that put the viewer in the core of the scene.
    On average we see +120% of views in comparison with a non-VR content.

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    Real Estate

    Explain the project through involving languages get more interest from clients and investors, who are becoming more curious towards these interactives media.

    Through the virtual reality, clients will be immersed and will understand the value of the property.

    Agents will take advantages from the immersive media for increasing the interest towards the product.

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