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Orwell VR is the department who develops immersive experience, navigable landscapes, interactive applications: we also create real time simulation, 360 video and interactives events.
Our development team is composed by interface designers, developers, digital artists, architects and producers; we are the perfect partner for inspiring your clients and make your project real through innovative technologies.
We develop multi-platform app for Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Google Cardboard, iOS, Android e HTC-VIVE. Our contents are totally adaptable to all devices, accessible to everyone.


Virtual reality, for its own definition, simulate the actual reality. The evolution of the IT allows nowadays to explore photorealistic landscape in real time, interacting with the objects inside.
Nowadays the Virtual reality is growing in awareness all over the World.
Goldman Sachs states that 3 persons out of 4 wold like to try it, and the 81% of whom try it recommend it and wants to do it again.
Everyday there are 5,6 million views of VR contents and the number is growing; everybody care about VR, independently of the age or the area of interest.
A VR content generates +120% views in comparison to an average content, and more or less an increase of 25% of the research on Google about the brand that uses VR.



Virtual Reality Apps

We follow the creation phases in all its aspects: from the storytelling to the publication. Multi-platform VR app for all the devices listed below.

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Virtual Catalogues

We create virtual catalogues on which the customer can see the product in an immersive way and interact with it through a configurator.

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Virtual Showrooms

We create navigable showrooms in which the customer can see the product as real and true, and interact with it through a complete configurator.

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Interactive Events

We develop interactive experience for events, built for the space not only thorugh the VR visors but even through touch screen and customized console.

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