Homi Smart Experience

Client: Fiera Milano
Location: Milan
Year: 2016

Virtual Reality and 80s design!

Homi Smart Sculpture Experience created by Orwell is an immersive tour through the virtual reality of the 80s Milan’s design.

In those years, Ettore Sottsass, Memphis and the PostModern style were the main characters on the stage. Before entering in this house, each player will be scanned and a 3D model will be generated and perfected by a team of specialists. The player will wear a VR headset.

Therefore the player will be immersed in a 80s atmosphere: from the furniture to the accessories, from music to colors. An interactive space inspired from the stylist karl Lagerfeld’s house.

Homi Smart Sculpture Experience is also a social experience, a trip full of virtual objects to collect and share! The visitors stay completely immersed in the experience and the feedback are totally positive.