Caselle Open Mall

Client: Aedes Siiq
Location: Turin
Year: 2017

Caselle Open Mall is an innovative place, unique in Italy. Highly appealing, thanks to its real town feel of indoor and outdoor spaces, it will be a venue where visitors will be able to enjoy an authentic shopping experience. Painstakingly designed, the mall combines contemporary hi-tech elements with natural stone walkways, facades and light, airy porticoes subtly reminiscent of classic Turin streets and squares. The project’s green heart is underlined by pedestrian and cycle paths, ample green spaces, green roofs and electric vehicle charging stations.

The URBAN GALLERY is the heart of this project, it will cover two floors of pure shopping, from everyday products to fashion and beauty care with a vast selection of brands, new trends and services.

The Urban Mall is surrounded by a road, the SHOPPING RING, to allow visitors to explore the whole area. Outside, a series of porticoes will recall traditional Turin architecture with fashion boutiques and services shops, while the outer side will host mostly medium and large specialist stores.

The first floor will feature an innovative FOOD HUB with a common seating area, lounge zones and a vast array of cuisines and gourmet experiences. The hub will be connected directly to the ENTERTAINMENT and WELLNESS areas.